Flight Training

«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 takes off from RAF Hawkinge!
«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 takes off from RAF Hawkinge!
«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 takes off from RAF Hawkinge!
«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 takes off from RAF Hawkinge!

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart takes off in the lead from the airfield, letting all the others follow him, climbing at an easy rate of 20 degree's.

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar climbs for height, lowering his pitch to 15 degrees. He's apparently going real high.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart keeps his steady climb, nearly at 12,000 feet. "How is it going back there A flight?"

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson radios 5000 feet and climbing, right on your tail chief."

«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 takes off from RAF Hawkinge!

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart levels off at 15000 feet roughly, the pilot turning his head to look behind him for the others.

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George lowers his pitch to 0 at angels 11. He looks around, "No targets present." he says

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar levels out at Angels 16, taking a deep breath before starting to dive.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart mutters, "Climb to 15000 feet and form up on me, heading at 40 degrees, speed 7."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson says, "Angels 11 4 miles and closing

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart throttles back somewhat to let the others catch up.

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar calls out, "Yii-haw, here we go!" He goes into a steep drive, trying to gain speed.
«OOC» Underwood says "Don't think the spd is right from down here"

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson angels 13 lost sight of flight leader, heading 40.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart nods, "Keep climbing A flight."

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar performs the Immelman turns, but just as he's recovering, his craft stalls. He blinks, the G forces tearing at his body, but manages to get the craft back under control. "Bloody hell."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson says, "Roger flight leader, reached angels 15 and closing."

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart nods, "Let's keep it tight A flight, try for 20-30 yard distance from me."

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak dips momentarily out of his climb, then straightens himself out with minimal effort, but alas. Once he realizes he's lost track of whoever's ahead, he coughs into the radio. "Angels 14. Heading 40. And I've lost you. Instruments say I may be slightly off course. Perhaps I should have someone look at it."

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George shakes his head and seems to be lost, he cant seem to see other pilots, "Where are you guys?" he asks.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart keeps his course relatively steady, "Heading 40 degrees, 15000 feet roughly, 239 mph, coordinates around -1540, 2800"

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson says, "Lost visual flight leader, course steady at four zero, angels 15.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart nods, "Slowing down a bit to let you catchup."

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak coughs, "I have visual, flight leader. I'm not sure who it is with."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson says, "increasing to 78% power maintaining course.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart grins, wiggling his wings a little to give the polish pilot a visual. "See me wiggling my wings?"

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar flies over Hawkinge, craning his neck to peer down at the airfield.

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar goes into a steep dive once more. "Lets see how fast this thing can go."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson says, "We have visual Flight leader, 5 miles"

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George is totally lost at air, "This is winters. Where are you?" he asks to the flight leader…

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar straightens the plane at Angels 7, flying level to the South.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart murmurs, "We are bearing 40 degrees from Hawkinge airfield, 15000 feet, about 40 miles from base."

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak grumbles, "Bogumil here, I still have a visual. It is less than 4 miles. I have no idea who that is. I'm at Angels 15. Heading 40. I'm at around, oh, -1490, 2820 or so. Winters? Is that you?"

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson increases engine to full trottle.

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George sighs, "I am 20 miles behind you." he says. I am moving at best posible speed." he responds.

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar flies towards Convoy Sword, either doing a solo patrol or eager to smell the sea air.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson says "Closing in on flight leader, approx 2500 yards.

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar goes afk and sets his plane on 40 power, hoping against all hope that it will still be in the air when he returns.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart nods at that, "Very well, trail formation, Flight Lead, then Wilson, then Wozniak."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson switches gun safeties off.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson trottles back as he closes within 1200 yards.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart glowers as Wilson pulls infront, "Throttle back there speedy." he muses.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson throttles back to 65%

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart watches as Wilson eases back to nearly parallel with him."

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George looks around and still cant see a thing, "I am 35 miles away from base. Still no sign of enemy or friendly contact."

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar goes into a shallow dive, flying back towards the aerodrome.

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak finally maneuvers into place. "Flight Leader, I am right behind you. Angels 15. Catching up."

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar zooms down to 700 feet, flying very low over the coastline towards the airbase.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson works on manuvering closer to the flight leader.

(From (#1693) Hurricane Mk2) Hussar pulls up towards the airfield.

«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 takes off from RAF Hawkinge!

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak relaxes now as he closes in, "There we go now, nice and smooth. I'm dropping to level with you." and he does so.

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George finally notices the friendly targets, "This is winters, right behind you." he says, "I can see you."

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George hmms "This is winters. I cant see you again." he says.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson closes to within 4oo yrds of the flight leader and eases back on the throttle.

Braden rolls a barrel of 100 octane fuel to Hussar's aircraft. He notices Hussar in the cockpit and gives him a wave. Braden lifts the flap door and begins pumping fuel.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart glances around, "Hmmmm, ok A-flight, turn to heading 220, we'll return to base."

Watts climbs out of his plane happily, having done a quick tour of the airfield and down again. Some others are apparently flying all the way to Norway, meanwhile.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson says, "Roger flight leader, bearing 220, RTB

Hussar waves to Breden, clambering out of the cockpit. "Thanks, old chap."

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George nods his head, "Understood leader. Returning to base." he says and turns his plane towards the base…

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak zooms by the two in the lead and begins to bank around leisurely, "Roger, Flight Leader. Returning to base."

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak descends into place, and sounds moderately concerned. "Flight Leader, I am right behind you. 200 yards or so. I can't see Wilson anywhere."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson radios "I'm 600 yards in your six, your both KIA.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart smirks, keeping his stick steady, "Very funny Wilson." he chuckles, "Close up back there.."

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak slows down rather drastically and lets Wilson speed by before accelerating again to get in on Flight Leader's tail.

Braden finishes filling 1693 and rolls the now empty barrel towards a stack of other spent fuel containers. He pulls up a wheeled ladder and begins to inspect the Merlin engine. A minor adjustment to the carburettor here… a tweak to the booster there. Braden closes the hood and wheels the ladder away. "She's ready to go up again" Braden says confidently to Hussar. "I tightened the throttle some for ya.. let me know what you think."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson zooms past then drastically throttles back

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson brings the plan around and settles in behind the flight leader.

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak takes his turn at speeding past Flight Leader, whistles slowly and throttles back as well, jostling for the right position.

Hussar peers at the plane, nodding with a glassy look; he clearly didn't understand any of that. "Oh… Right, splendid! Thank you. I'll be sure to let you know if it performs better." He frowns, scratching at the crimson scarf around his neck, "Maybe next time, it won't stall."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson flies slightly higher and behind the flight leader.

Watts looks over Braden with some curiosity. "You take a look at mine for me when you have the chance? I don't think a mechanic has had a chance to go over it yet. Though she seems to fly just fine to me for an old cloth girl.".

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak flies right on the leader's tail, very slightly lower.

Hussar glances curiously at Watts, his tone slightly condescending as he speaks to the Flight Sergeant, "You've flown other planes then?" He does sound curious, however.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart grins, "Let's have some fun A-flight, drop to a thousand feet…" he says with a wicked grin, pushing the stick forward to set him into a pretty steep dive.

Watts shakes his head, coming to attention. "Oh no, sir. But everybody wants to fly a Spit, right sir? I mean, the Hurricane is nice, but the Spit is nicer.".

Braden seems lost in his thoughts as he cleans out a spare carburettor. "Huh.. sure! Sorry.. yea.. 663.. I'll get right on it." Braden places the carburettor down on a table filled with other various spare parts and makes his way over to 663… ladder in tow.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson instantly pushes his plane into a dive.

"Oh, nevermind that sir business. We're all airmen, aren't we?" Despite this, there is a slightly patronizing hint to his voice, one that he probably isn't even aware of. Hussar raises his eyebrows at mention of the Spitfires, "Spits? Oh, right. I'd like to have a more agile plane, even if the lack of armour is going to hurt. But hey, we aren't in this for the life expectancy, eh?"

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak makes a faint grunting noise, utters something in Polish, and dives like a little maniac on Stewart's tail.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart goes level at around 700 feet, "Mmmmm, fun."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson looses sight of the others as he power dives.

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George shakes his head, "1000 feet? That is a very bad idea…" he says and starts to dive

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson eases back on the stick to slow the dive.

(From (#662) Hurricane Mk2) George stops diving at 546 feet… "Now that was weird." he says a bit shaken …

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson pulls out of his dive and levels off at 1200.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson radios 664 lost visual to flight leader, heading 220.

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak levels off from his dive, "I'm at 840." and then he maneuvers little by little to align himself with flight leader's tail, dipping perilously low once or twice.

Watts blinks at that, not really having thought that he might have to get shot. "Well, I didn't think about that, really, s… I just wanted to fly, is all.". He looks a bit wistful, eying the Hurricane, and wishing it was something else. Something far, far cooler.

(From (#677) Hurricane Mk2) Stewart throttles up as he nears the base, "Land at will A-flight, good exercise."

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson radios "Roger flight leader, land at will."

Hussar walks towards the pilots' ready barracks, nodding to Watts, "Well, I like the Hurricane just fine. It's certainly better than what we were flying in Poland, and hard to shoot down."

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak radios after a long pause as he wobbles lightly and slides right into place chasing the leader, "Roger, flight leader."

Watts ahs, yes. "What did they fly in Poland?" he wonders at Hussars back, having no idea. "Not Spitfires, obviously." he says, more to himself. As if they did, Poland would've clearly assraped Guderian and the other lackeys. "Thanks, uh. Whats your name?" he asks Braden. Keep the ground crew on side, this is important.

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson eases back and lets the flight leader retake the lead.

(From (#1734) Hurricane Mk2) Wozniak clearly masters the fine art of putting himself in someone's six. His plane flies somewhat lower, the rear corner of a triangle with Wilson on top, if one were to look at the flight from the side.

Braden wanders back from inspecting Watts plane. "Its Braden sir and she looks to be in good shape. Ready whenever you need her."

Brandon was raised in Hereford but like many joined up in the late 30s. Due to a childhood accident Brandon was unable to serve in any armed capacity and so was sent to train as a mechanic for the RAF. A stout, grizzley man, with a short temper for those who cause him more work.

«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 lands at RAF Hawkinge!

«Aircraft» Stewart gets out of Hurricane Mk2.

Watts blinks at that, never having been sirred before. He indicates his sergeant stripes, and says, "No need to sir me, I'm not an officer." he tells the mechanic with a trace of sheepishness. "Thanks for that, anyway. She seemed fine in the air, but you never know, maintenance is always good.".

(From (#664) Hurricane Mk2) Wilson looks out the canopy and down and smiles as he sees cows scatter below.

«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 lands at RAF Hawkinge!

«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 lands at RAF Hawkinge!

«Aircraft» Wozniak gets out of Hurricane Mk2.

(From Hurricane Mk2 #664) Wilson lands right behind Stewart and taxies off the strip.

«Aircraft» Wilson gets out of Hurricane Mk2.

Braden turns his attention to the landing aircraft. He approaches the departing pilots. "Welcome back… any problems?"

Wilson eases out of the plane and lightly drops to the ground. He stretches and looks around up at the sky.

Stewart shakes his head as he clambers out of his aircraft, taking off his flying helmet and setting it ontop of the canopy, "Nope, all good." he says, walking off the wing to head to the alert barracks.

Wilson looks at Braden and slaps the plane as he walks past it, "Nope, all good here too."

Braden nods happily and starts on refueling both planes.

Wozniak lands right behind Wilson, dangerously right behind Wilson, but takes his sweet time to steer the airplane once it's on the ground. He draws back the canopy and climbs out slowly, straightening, removing his cap before he stands on solid ground again. Approaching Braden, he pauses, then adds in lightly accented English, "There is a wobble on the airspeed indicator. Probably nothing important."

Wilson heads off for the barracks as well to clean up before heading to the offiers mess.
Wilson has left.
Wilson heads off West.
Wilson has arrived.
Wilson arrives from the West.
Wilson has left.
Wilson heads off North.

«Aircraft» Hurricane Mk2 lands at RAF Hawkinge!

«Aircraft» George gets out of Hurricane Mk2.

«OOC» George says "I really really suck"

Braden looks slightly confused as he starts to run through possible causes. "wobble on the airspeed indicator… ok we'll check it out!" Braden sounds excited at the possibility of a new challenge and runs off to grab his tools

Wozniak actually hesitates a moment. "Wobble is the correct word, yes?" he lifts a finger and wobbles it from side to side. "Plane is fine other than that." then he nods, a tight smile curling the corners of his mouth as he watches Braden run off. He's got a very low tolerance for even the smallest of wobbles, which is undoubtedly of great entertainment value for the mechanical personnel.

George jumps out of his plane and sighs sadly, he couldnt attend to the trainning, all he had to do was fly randomly…

Watts watches the other officers all come down and land, and ponders for a moment, before deciding, he'll head off for the pub. All he needs now is a dog with a politically incorrect name, and he could be a True British Hero.

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