Belleau Wood Part 8

On 16th June the severely depleted marines are finally relieved by the doughboys of three battalions of the 7th Infantry. Both sides now have plenty of artillery and heavy weapons, and after two weeks of continuous fighting the wood is still contested, with the front lines passing through the one kilometer long forestland.

Still under orders to recapture the woodland, the soldiers of the 7th launch repeated attacks from the half of the wood captured by the Marines on the German held northern corner. For a whole week, the Americans launch assault after assault, but every one is turned back by fierce German resistance and the morale of the doughboys slumps. Harassed near constantly by German bombardments and gas and with the Germans apparently dug in as resolutely as ever in the half of the wood under their control, it seems the 7th is unable to carry out the orders assigned to it.

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