Belleau Wood Part 5

The first assault did not go well, as the marines found that the enemy was well dug in, with machineguns and apparently plenty of manpower as well. Capturing the whole wood in one go clearly was unfeasible, though the marines did manage to push their way into one blood soaked corner after taking heavy losses.

It was now clear to General Harbord, commanding the US forces in the area, that this was going to be a much more difficult battle than was initially hoped - and the Marines were already near exhaustion after a week of heavy fighting. The French make more heavy artillery units available to the Americans, and unleash hell upon the Germans hiding in the forest. After a day long bombardment the wood is shattered and sundered, craters scarring the battlefield, and those hardy trees that are still standing nothing but leafless skeletons.

Everybody knows the Germans are still in there in their dugouts. More assaults are planned.

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