Bell was born to a moderately wealthy family in December of 1886 just outside of Sydney. As a child, she and her brother were allowed to be educated. While Bell was always jealous that she couldn't do cool things like artillery or what have you, she always found a way to tag along or help with homework as best as she was able. Her and her brother were a mischievous duo, and ended up blowing up a shed at one point and other misadventures.

Even from the start, she was an unusual cookie. Bell sunburned horribly and tended to keep to graveyards, libraries and stay awake at night. Through a good deal of persistence, string pulling and sheer forcing her way in Bell managed to attend medical school and become a doctor. She decided to follow her brother to France by volunteering in the Red Cross. After a time, she ended up being transferred to Gallipoli after most of the medical staff were killed or cleared out.

In Gallipoli, Bell learned and grew a lot as a person. She befriended many there, including Kathleen. She also lost a few of the people she grew close to. Eventually, Bell fell in love with one (1) Philip Kwatra.

After the war, Bell went on to settle at her family's manor just outside of Sydney (Her brother chose to live in France with his bride). There, Kwatra kept a garden and Bell herself ended up teaching future doctors and nurses. She commented once, that she could never go back to practicing general medicine for some reason. The front had changed her forever. Bell could never pin it down, but she simply *changed*. She never did return to serve at the front after World War I.

She kept contact with those from Gallipoli she knew as best as she could. Bell even came to dote on Kathleen's family through letters and even a visit or two. As far as anyone knows, Bell spent the rest of her days teaching, living with Kwatra and generally haunting towers while drinking blood from a straw and flapping about (Kidding on that last part. Bell never did lose the spooky air about her, nor her pale skin.). She never really had a family of her own, and choose to simply reach out to others - though her reasoning is unknown. All in all, she had a fairly good life until the end even with the bumps of having an unusual job for a woman.

After the war, Bell continued to dote on Annabelle. WWII was tough to see history repeating, but she spent her time training medics, corpsmen and other odds and ends. She passed her manor and estate on to Anna, as she had no children of her own. Mercifully, Bell lived into her 70s - a pretty darn good stretch for a WWI survivor and given the time. She counted her days as happy ones, though in the end.

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