Battle of Corunna Road Pt 2

The XI and XII International Brigades recaptured Boadilla, only to find themselves almost cut off in the village. The Nationalists withdrew to take advantage of such a clearly defined artillery target and pulverised the town, before attacking again with infantry. The International Brigades established defensive positions within the thick walls of country houses belonging to rich madrilenos - they resisted desperately and the slaughter was enormous on both sides. The Nationalist General Orgaz was forced to halt the offensive with only minimal gains. He lacked reserves, and the Republicans enjoyed numerical superiority.

The Republicans hastily attempted to fortify the new front line but incompetence, confusion, stupidity and perhaps even treason in the headquarters greatly hampered their efforts. Units were brought up in the breathing space gained by the International Brigades efforts but the reinforcements were scattered across the sector in a very uncoordinated manner and without attending to the supply of ammunition.

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