Antti is the older of the Mannikainen brothers (Matti being the younger by a few years). A year or two past 30, his family are known to have been staunch Reds in terms of thier politics (his parents and many of the extended family having died in a prison camp after the Civil War), though for his part Antti's world view does'nt extend far past the limits of the family farm (26,10), where grains are grown, and a few head of cattle kept. Married for nearly ten years to Aila (the older sister of Jari Viinikainen), the daughter of a strongly White family, there is considerable tension even to this day between the inlaws, though in his dogged way, Antti does'nt look far past his farm and family.

The father of two sons and a daughter, Antti is generally reputed to be the more responsable of the Mannikainens (certain younger brothers might prefer to call him 'dull'). An acquaintance of most, but only friendly with a few, he is a man of simple tastes, and quiet contentment, family being the core of his life.

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