Annabelle Fischer
Gender Female
Age 21
Aliases Anna
Place of Birth Victoria, Australia
Occupation Missionary ~ Coastwatcher ~ Nurse
Portrayed By Kate Beckinsale


Annabelle Fischer (born Annabelle Higgins) was born not long after the end of the Great War, and grew up on her family's cattle station in southern Australia. Her parents indulged her adventurous streak, and she would just as likely be caught in mischief with her two brothers as doing something girly. Nonetheless she grew up to be a well-mannered young lady (or at least learned to fake it when she needed to), and started university in Sydney.

She intended to return home after earning her teaching certificate, but her life took an unexpected turn when she fell in love with Edward Clark, a young doctor working in Sydney. Edward was bound for the Solomon Islands, to be part of the Anglican Mission on northern Guadalcanal. He proposed to Anna and asked her to come with him. She accepted, and they were married on the eve of their departure.

The mission's aim was religious, of course, but they also provided health care and education to the natives. Anna assisted Edward in his makeshift clinic at the mission and taught English and other basic subjects to the natives.


When war in the Pacific broke out, most of the Australians on the island evacuated, but Edward refused to leave the mission, and Anna refused to leave Edward. The missionaries were recruited by the Australian Coastwatcher network, and provided intelligence to the Aussie navy through the use of native scouts and a short-wave radio.


The Japanese found out about the radio, and came to the mission shortly after the Americans landed. Edward and the Reverend were killed, but Anna was rescued by the marines. She was brought to the American camp bedraggled but unharmed, and volutneered in the aid station. There she learned a great deal more about medicine, developing into a quite capable nurse despite not having any formal training.

She also found love again, and married Corporal Ryan Fischer in early November.

Throughout the campaign, Anna wrote letters home to her "Aunt" Bell, whom she held in high regard.


Anna left Guadalcanal with the marines when they went to recuperate in Melbourne, needing some recuperation herself! She got work at the local hospital, but without a nursing degree her duties were limited. Going from wartime surgical assistant to candy striper drove her nuts, but it became a moot point when she became pregnant soon after. Baby Margaret was born in the fall of '43, and Fish shipped back out to war that Christmas.

Anna spent the rest of the war helping out on her family's ranch and raising her daughter. Baby Benjamin followed in 1945 after one of Fish's shore leaves, and Elisabeth was born after the war.

When the war ended, the Fischers took up residence in Melbourne. Most of their summers (American winters) were spent in Chicago so Grandpa and Grandma Fish could see the babies and Anna and Fish could visit their American friends. Much later, on a very sad day, they moved to Sydney after Anna inherited her Aunt Bell's manor.

Anna eventually returned to teaching, and did some freelance photography on the side.

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