Theater: France WW1
Nationality: Belgian
Formation: Civilian
Position: Nurse
Status: Active


Alise Ingels is a life-long resident of Ypres. Her father was a respected family physician in town, who brought her up largely by himself after her mother died in childbirth. They were comfortable and respected, and she rarely lacked for anything, but Alise still learned to look after herself and see to things around her household at a younger age than most girls. She had a good head for mathematics and science, and quickly realized she was interested in more than just cooking and cleaning for a handsome Belgian man, so she followed in her father's footsteps in medicine after she'd finished her primary schooling. She was trained as a nurse and took a position her father's clinic after she'd finished her qualifications.

A handsome Belgian did eventually catch her eye, however, and she married a piano music teacher - Eugene Ingels - when she was twenty. They're still happily wed and settled in Ypres to this day, and they have four children together. Three sons (Daniel, Eugene, and Albert) and one daughter, Christiane.

Her children are all old enough to look after themselves to some degree (the baby, Albert, is 13), so a few years ago she returned to work at the town hospital. She never really stopped nursing, truth be told, though while her children were small it was mostly restricted to performing midwife services for the local women.

Now, as the clouds of war darken her beloved Belgium, she is trying to lend her nursing skills to the effort of keeping the boys alive. The conflict is quickly becoming personal for her. Her eldest son, Daniel, dropped out of his pre-medical studies to enlist, and Eugene Jr. will be of age to do the same in only a year. Even lovely Chrisa has asked if she can volunteer to help the wounded, but so far Alise has kept her away from all that. She prays this all ends soon, before it can swallow the lives of her children and her nation.

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