Alfred's Letter

After the apparent capture of Alfred, a letter is found. It's addressed to the company in general and sometimes has a bit of a condescending tone. Triumphant to a degree, and yet, some parts of it are respectful. In particular is a part addressed to the Commissar. The letter reads as follows:

Gentlemen. I suppose I could call you Comrades for the time we fought together, but that really wouldn't be right would it? I mean, I wasn't really your comrade to begin with. Still, I think you should consider yourself flattered that you were thought so highly of to have a full Major sent to observe you, and I won't deny that some of you did come to be my friends. Gonzales, you are one of those. I hope, when you find this you don't hate me. I was just doing my job, as I expect you would should we meet again. Perhaps, should you survive this war, it may happen but I shan't hold my breath.

To the Captain, I must say. You sir are quite a man. I often wondered if what things would have been like were you in my command. You would have made a fine SS officer. A fine one. Sadly, that was not to be. I must commend you on your skills, but warn you just the same. You sir are as the Commissar felt. You are too quick to trust your men. In that, you are flawed. Still, I think you knew enough to see the wisdom in keeping me from command. So, I can not fault you there. If I were you though, I'd consider looking more closely at the work being done in my lines. After this the men will need inspiration, leadership; and I think if you are careful that you will be able to overcome.

To the Commissar. You sir I must admit are blind to the world around you. I must say this because I fully hoped to shoot you myself. As it is, I give you this warning simply becaus I wish not to see some of the men under you die. If you are captured, you will be executed. I will see to that myself if I must. You really don't know when you see a spy, and when you don't. The…Facist you shot. The young mercenary, well he was something of a plant. Though, he did get the attention away from me didn't he? The funny thing is you were never bright enough to catch on. You seemed to suspect, but I don't think that you would have ever figured it out if I had walked up to you and announced it. Your inteligence is sadly paled by the Corporal.

Yes, You read that right Vaclav. You are smarter than the commissar. Maybe someday you'll use that for something other than getting yourself shot and beating up your men. Possibly, you will become a party officer, but more likely you'll die. Slowly. Not because we would torture you, but rather because you are not smart enough to know when you're already dead.

Lastly, to the others I have not directly mentioned. I don't know what you fight for, since I know the truth behind your communist supporters. I can not stop you, so I say this. I will respect you like the soldiers you are. You are good men, and I have fought with many. However, do not think for a moment that I would not hesitate to shoot you should the chance arise in the future. Having said that, I wish you the best of luck in our future battles. If you survive, maybe you will see the truth in what I say. If not, I hope your rest is well earned.

Heil Hitler!
Oberstleutanant Alfred Peters.

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