Aleksandr Taktarov

Born and raised in the Dar Gora suburb of Tsaritzyn (Stalingrad after '25), Aleksandr had little to distinguish him from the other sons of factory workers, apart from being a bit taller, and a bit quicker thanks to his long legs. Working in the same factory as his father, one which manufactured bottlecaps and sealed them for shipping. His father never took interest in raising his standing within the Communist party, and thus neither did Aleks.

He is a believer in the Communist ideals but prior to the war very quietly wondered whether these great and glorious goals must always require so much blood. The German invasion has done much to push him toward acceptance of the party's extreme measures as legitimate necessity.

For the first stages of the Battle of Stalingrad, he worked as part of the factory details which continued to produce war materials for the Red Army, before German shelling and Red Army casualties made him one of the transfers into infantry. After studying a user's manual for an hour, he was declared fit to operate a PTRD antitank rifle in his first action. Things have gone downhill from there.

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