A Letter To Family


I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. Don't worry for your son, I have managed to get a transfer put through and have found myself back in Sofia's company again. She still wears Mother's ring, and when the time comes I will make good on it's meaning. When you're able to write back, let me know how the harvest went and how the beer has come out. I do miss a tall glass on days like these, when the sun is setting over an open field. There are great masses of wheat fields here. The war has put them far over due for harvest. Let Jan and Erich know that I am alright. I'm currently nursing some nasty scratches from enemy fire, luckily the Artillery shell only struck my head and nothing vitally important.
I'll write you when I'm able to again, for now, I'm under the watchful care of a very stern Doktor and my own fiance. Neither of whom look favorably on me sitting up for so long to write this while both my arms are still mending. Keep a pitcher cool for me when I get home.


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