A Letter To A Wife

(Posted by Masters)


The last three months have felt like an eternity since I have last held you in my arms. Your letters have been a great help dealing with the homesickness being in such a far away land. Please continue to write as often and frequently as you can. Your letters will continue to be an inspiration of the future when I return. I have not seen any letters after the post mark of 3 May. As you can tell be the post marks and address on the letter, I am no longer in Egypt and I feel that some letters have been lost enroute to Gallipoli. I hope that they will evenly make their way to my hands. Please send my best regards to your sister and thank her for me for the wonderful gift. I noticed the pocket watch was set to the local time back home. I wont change this. I check the watch periodically throughout the day and think of what you are doing at the time. There is no telling when this will end or when I will be home. I am torn between my loyalty as a husband and a soldier of the crown. I wish not to be remembered or through of as a coward by staying home, but my duties as a husband I cant be ignored. I wish this war would be over tomorrow so I can soon you again.

Loving you always,

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